Terms & Conditions

Abidance with the following is required for membership.

  1. Direct investments with a startup company are possible.
    • All legal agreements rest solely between an investor and the company.  MEDA Angels is not party to them.
    • If a diligence report on the company is available and was undertaken by MEDA Angels, which a member accepts, that member must invest through a Special Purpose Entity (“SPE”), as described below, rather than investing directly.  Diligence reports require significant time and effort and SPE-based investments acknowledge the diligence effort.
  2. Investments through group-based SPEs managed by the MEDA Angels Management Group (“MAMG”) comprised of MEDA Angels Founding Partners.  A number of benefits are available to members who elect to invest thru SPEs:
    • A minimum of $5,000 per investor, an attractive entry point
    • A complete diligence report to be provided to prospective investors, which must be kept confidential.
    • Co-investment by at least one MAMG Partner(s), ensuring vested interest in the success of the company.
    • Complete management of the SPE, including formation, legal, accounting, regular reporting of a startup’s progress to investors, and growth/advisory support of companies by MAMG.  With MAMG’s strategic networks and range of health domain expertise, we are prepared to provide all available resources to spur the growth of startups invested in through SPEs. (3rd party legal & accounting fees may apply.  MAMG has in-house legal to support some needs to keep fees reduced).
    • Profit-sharing opportunities in SPEs (please inquire directly at info@medaangels.com)
  3. All SPEs include a carried interest to MAMG of 2.0% – 12.5%, varying on a case by case basis.

Membership Fees & Refund Policy:

75% after attendance at one pitch session.  None thereafter.

To Qualify For Membership, You Agree That:

  1. You are an accredited investor as defined under Rule 501(a) of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933.
  2. You are knowledgeable of and will comply with all applicable international, federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  3. You will agree to abide by the terms and rules of MEDA Angels Code of Conduct & Confidentiality or its updates and amendments.
  4. Irrespective of any due diligence reports provided, you must conduct your own analysis and due diligence to determine the appropriateness of any investment you make in any company to which you are introduced through MEDA Angels. As a result, you recognize and agree that neither MEDA Angels nor its representatives or agents are responsible or liable in any way for any investment decision you make as a result of being a member of MEDA Angels. The choice to use and the manner of utilization of information and knowledge gained through MEDA Angels is your individual and personal choice.
  5. You will abide by MEDA Angel’s Code of Conduct & Confidentiality per the below.  Violation is grounds for termination of membership.

Membership Code of Conduct:

  1. You will conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times.
  2. You will confidentially keep all shared information.
  3. You will disclose to MEDA Angels any relationship you have or may have had with a presenting company, including any financial gain that you or your affiliates may receive from the company or proposed investment in the company.
  4. You will disclose to MEDA Angels any actual or potential conflict of interest that you have or may have had with a presenting company. You will use good judgment, adhere to high ethical standards and avoid situations that create an actual or appearance of conflict of interest. A “conflict of interest” arises when a person’s loyalties or actions are divided between the interests of a company and those of another, such as a competitor, supplier or customer, or personal business. A conflict of interest can arise when a member takes actions or has interests that may make it difficult for him or her to objectively and effectively support a company seeking funding. A conflict of interest may also arise when an individual, or a member of his or her family, receives a benefit as a result of his or her position in, or relationship with, a company. The appearance of a conflict of interest alone can adversely affect MEDA Angels and its relations with companies seeking funding.
  5. You will not actively solicit Startups or other Members for services. Promotion of services is reserved for Sponsors and Strategic Partners of MEDA Angels.


MEDA Angels, LLC is a membership group that facilitates the introduction of entrepreneurs to MEDA Angels investors through meetings, presentations and other mechanisms.  MEDA Angels members consist of individuals and entities who are interested in investing in privately held companies or ventures typically in an early stage of development.  MEDA Angels, LLC is not an investment advisor, venture fund, investment bank, broker nor dealer.  It is not a registered as an investment advisor, broker/dealer or in any other capacity with the Securities Exchange Commission or any state securities commission, and it does not recommend or otherwise provides advice with respect to investments in any company, security or industry.  MEDA Angels, LLC does not opine on the accuracy of any information provided by a presenting company.  Each Member is responsible for his or her own due diligence investigation and investment decisions.  All investments in startup companies involve a high degree of risk, and investors should be able to bear the risk of complete financial loss of their investment.  The choice to use, manner of utilization of, and information and knowledge gained through MEDA Angels, LLC is each Member’s individual choice.  MEDA Angels, LLC does not provide any tax, compliance, reporting, legal or other advice, and Members should seek appropriate professional assistance in connection with their consideration of each investment opportunity.

Limitation of Liability:

You expressly disclaim any and all representations and warranties of any kind or nature, express or implied, as to the information and materials relating to any investment opportunity provided through MEDA Angels, LLC.   As a condition of your participation in MA, to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, you hereby waive and release any claims, causes of action or other rights that you might have against MEDA Angels, LLC and each of their managers, officers, directors, employees, other members and representatives of MEDA Angels (the “Parties”) arising out of or relating to any investment or any materials made available to you through MEDA Angels, LLC.  In no event shall the Parties be liable, jointly or severally, to you for any loss of investment, loss of profit, lost data, business interruption or any other damages of any kind, including special, incidental indirect or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with MEDA Angels, LLC.

Confidentiality of Material:

All content provided by startups are being furnished to investors on a confidential basis, unless otherwise indicated by a startup.  By accepting the material, a Member agrees to keep confidential the provided information. Any unauthorized use, distribution, or reproduction of the material is prohibited.  Management of educational content provided by MEDA Angels and its members must be treated confidentially as well, unless already in the public domain at the time of receipt of the material or permission is expressly requested and provided by MEDA Angels and/or its Member source(s).