Advisory program

We understand that startup development and growth can be a circular, sometimes lonely path and require helping, experienced hands.

So if you are seeking an Advisor or even a Team of Advisors to help steer you efficiently to a key inflection point or for the long run, reach out to us.

Our investor members are seasoned experts with track records across the healthcare spectrum with extensive networks. Members include:

So, if you meet the following criteria, we’d love to hear from you!

Pre-seed or seed stage

Preferably have gone through an incubator/accelerator

Agree to some form of compensation for Advisors (creative options welcome)


1. Send your pitch deck and an executive summary to

2. Mandatory: include the following details:

  • “Interested in MEDA Advisory Program”
  • Name of Incubator/Accelerator you’ve gone through/going through
  • Type of Advisor(s) needed or “Unsure” (it’s fine!)
  • Advisory compensation you can offer
  • Your current team members & bios (can be in brief bulleted form)