Portfolio companies

Chronica provides full-service remote patient monitoring and chronic care management to healthcare practices and health systems. The use of technology, devices, clinicians, care teams, billing, and support structure enables remote care management. Chronica provides a full-service offering and uses a recurring revenue share model with providers.

Atraverse is a medical device company developing Hotwire, a unique radiofrequency guidewire compatible with leading manufacturer’s sheath systems, enabling an efficient Zero-Exchange workflow with physician’s preferred transseptal approach. The Hotwire’s intrinsic design eliminates the risk of inadvertent tissue trauma, reported with competitor devices. Atraverse is a fast follower to Baylis Medical, which was acquired by Boston Scientific for $1.75B cash at close.

Healionics has developed STARgraft, an innovative vascular graft for dialysis patients, offering enhanced safety and reliability over traditional methods that are often fraught with complications like occlusion and infection. Their breakthrough is the STAR biomaterial coating, proven in numerous studies to resist infection and tissue scarring.

Mimivax is a clinical stage cancer vaccine company. Their vaccine, SurVaxM, has the potential to be a universal cancer vaccine targeting the survivin protein that is aberrantly expressed by many different types of cancers. Survivin is typically only expressed during fetal life as a pro-survival, pro-growth signaling protein. The company’s SurVaxM vaccine has been engineered to recognize survivin as foreign, like a virus, thereby stimulating a patient’s own immune response to attack the tumor & importantly, prevent recurrence.

Nuvox Pharma is an advanced clinical-stage life science company that has developed a proprietary oxygen-based NanO2 intravenous therapy to address the high unmet needs in treatments for cancers, strokes, cardiac arrest, among other indications marked by hypoxia or low oxygenation that can lead to death or high morbidity.

Amsel Medical is a medical device company founded by a vascular surgeon. Amsel developed SCureClamp, a minimally invasive, mechanical surgical implantable clamping technology that is delivered directly through a 1 mm diameter needle for permanent or temporary occlusion of tubular structures (e.g., arteries, veins, and ducts). The intended applications are treatment of varicose veins and traumatic hemorrhage.

RealSeq Biosciences has developed a technology for detecting RNA fragmentomics that provide real-time window into disease activity. Existing liquid biopsies typically track DNA markers, which can result in low sensitivity (~50%). RealSeq’s technology solves this problem by augmenting the detection of RNA fragments through a proprietary approach, thus improving on capabilities that rely on DNA markers.

Light Line has developed a visible light-based (not UV) platform technology that disinfects catheters, one of the leading causes of hospital-acquired infections. Their device is expected to prevent infections without harming surrounding tissue or degrading catheter materials (like UV light), and without risk of developing antibiotic resistance.

Nested Knowledge has built an algorithmic medical literature synthesis and analysis system designed for pharma, payors, academia, regulatory and other stakeholders reliant on clinical evidence of patient outcomes. Nested’s product automates what is currently a labor-intensive and costly human expert literature review process, expediting the ingestion of publicly available data with re/calculations.

Biotia combines next-generation sequencing with AI to identify microbes underlying infectious diseases. Their rapid, high-throughput and agnostic approach enables treatment of patients with the right solution, the first time, considers resistance to therapy and identification of mutant variants. Identification of microbes can further propel the development of novel, effective therapies.

SafKan developed an irrigation and microsuction device that removes impacted ear wax in 30 seconds. Current approaches are onerous, time-consuming and messy. Impacted ear wax affects 35 million Americans and is one of the top reasons for visits to ENT offices and to pediatric ERs.

Trusty.care’s mission is to match consumers with the right health insurance plan the first time around. Millions disenroll from health plans annually due to unexpected costs and care that does not meet their needs. Health plans spend hundreds of millions to enroll new members. Trusty.care’s consumer queries & end-to-end SaaS platform provide a comprehensive solution for both sides of this marketplace.

A spin-out from MIT, Landsdowne Labs was established to develop a life-saving coating, the ChildLok, around button batteries to deactivate the necrotic and potentially fatal sequelae in young children who may accidentally swallow them. Landsdowne stands to create a new industry standard in battery safety.

A spin-out from Columbia University, Epibone is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company utilizing autologous mesenchymal stem cells to reconstruct bone and cartilage. The company has raised nearly $37 Mill USD to support its pipelines, including a Phase I/II trial for craniofacial bone reconstruction and various cartilage R&D programs.

Dynamicare Health is dedicated to making addiction recovery support more widely accessible at affordable rates through the power of digital health. The company’s approach is based on evidence-based contingency management psychotherapy which provides positive reward reinforcement, proven to improve abstinence by 2x-3x.

Johns Hopkins Medical spin-out company, Vixiar, has developed a point-of-care, hand-held, non-invasive, remote monitoring device to detect the earliest subclinical signs of heart failure, the #1 hospital diagnosis in patients 65 yrs+. Among 4 finalists selected by Philips Healthcare in 2019 for their Patient Monitoring & Patient Care Analytics program.

FDA-approved, CE mark minimally invasive device for pelvic organ prolapse, a prevalent condition impacting millions of peri/menopausal women globally. Clinical studies completed for up to 4 years post-insertion. Safe, effective. Approved by multiple U.S. hospital value-add committees. Commercial stage.

Bendit Technologies has developed a series of revolutionary microcatheters with unique bendability, steerability & unprecedented torque. Their tools enable interventional surgeons to navigate thru tortuous & challenging anatomies to reach clots, tumors and other vascular pathologies in fastest times.

Slashing patient no-show rates with an EHR-integrated SaaS platform that arranges non-emergency medical transportation. Better patient outcomes, better provider bottomlines. Strategic investments from Zoll Medical & Johns Hopkins. Operations throughout the US, multiple health system customers and channel partners.

Developing an AI-powered, disposable stroke cap with embedded evoked potential and specialized electroencephalogram sensors that can detect ischemic strokes at point-­of-­care in approx 2 min. It is designed for use by first-responders to objectively & swiftly determine whether a patient is having an ischemic stroke, so they can transport patients to the RIGHT stroke treatment facility – comprehensive or primary – the first time around.

Improving infection control by helping workers visualize surface decontamination in real time. Applications across multiple sectors including healthcare, transportation, educational facilities & other commercial properties. Winner of Harvard President’s Innovation Challenge; Lemelson-MIT Student Prize; USAID Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge.


FDA-approved, safe tissue stimulation device, StimSite, triggers the natural movements of hard-to-locate critical structures so surgeons can easily identify them to operate safely & with confidence. Allotrope’s StimSite is conveniently integrated into existing instruments and robotic platforms, so workflow is maintained.


Streamlining post-acute care provider workflow to enhance patient care. CitusHealth is now part of the ResMed family of digital health software solutions that are dedicated to serving providers who care for patients outside of the hospital environment.