MEDA Angels is excited to announce the launch of its first fund, MEDA Angels FUND 1 !!

The FUND comes on the heels of 14 investments made over a 3.5 year period (since 2019)  that has yielded a superior performance to date (1.9X ROI, 51% IRR, 0 shutdowns; 1 exit @ 2x ROI, 86% IRR).

This is a great opportunity for investors to benefit from a diverse portfolio of MedTech and Life Science startup companies, all vetted by providers, payors, other healthcare & relevant experts!

Our leadership team and members are active in the healthcare sector and we leverage our extensive networks to support companies in which we invest.

Target raise: $2 Million

Minimum investment: $10,000.

Investments of $50,000+ will receive 110% of principal back first, before pro rata distribution.

Closing: Jan 31, 2023

To learn more, please contact:

Elizabeth Cho-Fertikh, General Partner: 

Greg Buchert, General Partner: