For Investors

Annual memberships are offered at the individual and institutional/family office levels.

Membership includes all the following privileges:

  • Access to all deal flow material and pitch sessions.
  • Invitations to all educational seminars, including free access to our online Intro to Angel Investing educational course (all sessions 1 -3) available through our sister organization Venture Corner:
  • Direct investments with a startup company.   Diligence reports will not be available for direct investments, but may be furnished through special arrangements.
  • Investments, for a minimum of $5,000 per investor, through group-based Special Purpose Entities (“SPEs”) managed by the MEDA Angels Management Group (“MAMG”) which is comprised of MEDA Angels Partners.  A number of benefits are available through these investments:
    • A complete diligence report
    • Co-investment by a MAMG Partner(s) typically, ensuring vested interest in the success of the company
    • Complete management of the SPE, including formation, legal, accounting, regular reporting of a startup’s progress to investors, and growth/advisory support of companies by MAMG.  With MAMG’s strategic networks and range of health domain expertise, we are prepared to provide all available resources to spur the growth of startups invested in through SPEs. (3rd party legal & accounting fees may apply.  MAMG has in-house legal to support some needs to keep fees reduced).
    • Profit-sharing opportunities in SPEs.  See Item #1 under “Other” below.


  1. Annual individual membership: $500
  2. Annual institutional/family office membership: $1,500
  3. A one-time 2% management fee per SPE, when a Member invests.
  4. SPE incorporation filing fees, accounting (K-1 tax forms) and other standard fees.


For each Member-comprised SPE that invests in a startup that achieves a liquidity event (e.g. sale of the startup company):

  1. Up to 5% total carried interest (i.e. profit) realized by the SPE to be granted to MEDA Angels members who contributed significantly to the due diligence in a startup investment opportunity.  Due diligence, a very critical exercise to understand the risks/rewards of a potential investment, requires significant time and effort.  This 5% set-aside is intended to honor the extensive commitment.
  2. A 12.5% carried interest realized by the SPE payable to MAMG.  The Principals of MAMG, also MEDA Angels Founding Partners, will provide their strategic networks and advisory support to assist with the growth of any startup that an SPE invests in.  Growth may include revenue generation, formation of strategic partnerships, outlicensing, merger & acquisition and others that can have a measurable impact on a company to their and the SPE investor members’ benefit. At least one MAMG Principal will typically invest through the SPE as well.
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