For Investors

Annual memberships are offered at the individual and institutional/family office levels. 

Two options are available:

Option 1:  Direct + Special Purpose Entity (“SPE”) Investments.  

  • Direct investments:  diligence independently, invest directly with a startup.
  • SPE  investments:  funds are pooled from interested members in a given opportunity & invested via an SPE (e.g. an LLC) established for the sole purpose of investing in a given company. A number of benefits are available through SPE investments:
    • Receive a complete diligence report
    • Reduced minimum investment amount required than company-stipulated threshold.
    • Co-investment by at least one MEDA Angels Parter, assuring vested interest
    • Profit-sharing in SPEs for diligence support.  Details in our Investor Prospectus – please inquire.

Option 2:  Direct Investments Only 

  • diligence independently
  • negotiate directly with startup

For both options:

  • Access to all deal flow material on a dedicated platform.
  • Invitations to all pitch sessions, educational seminars & call-outs for startup advisory opportunities.
  • Opportunity to invest in our MEDA Angels Fund 1 & future series Funds.  (Fund 1 closes Jan 31, 2023).

Annual Dues: 

Option 1: Direct + SPE Investments

  • Individual membership: $750
  • Institutional membership: $1,500

Option 2: Direct Investments Only

  • Individual membership: $1,250
  • Institutional membership: $2,500
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For inquiries, please contact us  We look forward to hearing from you!