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For Startups, New/Intermediate Angel Investors & Curious Minds… 

For Startups:  Developing a compelling investor pitch deck just scratches the surface!  Vital to successful fundraising is understanding the mindset of investors.  What & how do they evaluate companies for potential investment?  What are their preferences?  It’s a multi-factorial & multi-layered process.

For Investors:  You will obtain eye-opening, foundational education in investing in private startup companies.  Avoid ‘gut’-based, rash investment choices that can lead to avoidable mistakes. Arm yourself with know-how, towards wiser investment decisions.

This 3.5 hour session will cover:

  • key elements of due diligence
  • company valuation setting: it is not just based on comparables…
  • investment offerings: preferred vs. non/participating preferred equity; warrants, options and more
  • term sheet types: SAFE, KISS, Convertible Notes & more
  • understanding cap tables & how to calculate potential return on investments
  • special considerations in healthcare startup investing
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