Intro to Startup Fundraising & Angel Investing:
Two Sides of the Same Coin (RECORDING)

Course description:

Are you a startup seeking to raise investor capital for your company? or a prospective investor wondering what angel investing is and how it can be a path towards building up alternative asset classes in your portfolio?  Then consider enrolling in our 1/2 day class to gain essential know-how!

By the end of the class, you will understand:

  • the due diligence process that investors undertake to evaluate companies for potential investment
  • how to calculate equity ownership in a company, over multiple funding rounds, factoring in the potential impact of options, warrants, convertible notes & SAFEs
  • how company valuations are set

Case studies & examples are provided via the biotech & SaaS sectors.  The principles taught, however, are applicable to all market sectors.

The course is approximately 3.5 hours in duration and comes with accompanying handouts.

$249/individual, for groups of 2 – 5
$209/individual, for groups of 6 – 10
For groups of more than 10, please inquire:


Educational Sessions

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